We welcome all experienced traders and also beginners in this fascinating, young, but difficult world of cryptocurrencies.

We are the first team which approached creation of a coin under the leadership of the master Feng Shui.

It was considered more than 100 options of cards of destiny, analyzed dozens of existing coins and selected one most suitable, most profitable for success, financial stability and longevity of the project in which according to all available information you can achieve significant results.

We present to yours the project on an algorithm "Scrypt" about a possibility of POS of mining - PEONY (PNY).

PEONY is one of the main flower symbols of Chinese culture.

It symbolizes wealth, wellbeing and prosperity, in one word the imperial flower.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui the peony attracts luck and symbolizes all the best that happens in a human life.


After analyzing the many options for rewarding POS mining as well as repelling the indications of the card of destiny the following values of awards were chosen:

from 0 to 16k the block - 88%

from 16k to 88k the block - 168%

from 88k to 168K - 1688 of %

from 168k and up to the end - 88%

Total number of coins - 16 880 000 000

Initial delivery is 16,880,000 (premin - 0.1%)

Distribution of coins:

13 440 000 (80%) – it will be offered for sale

3 024 000 (18%) – it is distributed between the PEONY team (the 7th persons)

336 000 (2%) – Bounty

The whole volume of coins that has not been sold will be burned by sending to a special address at 3% per week from the balance, until complete destruction.

This measure at the first stage will allow to retain the seizure of the network, the gradual destruction will help increase the price and confidence of investors and the safety of deposits.

Anticipating the question - why such a small amount of the bounty?

Considering the unpleasant experience of many projects in which distribution of the bounty reached astronomical figures, as a result of which the influence of such volumes reduced the price of a coin several times, we decided to secure our investors and made this block minimal.

The main expenditure on marketing will be made for fiat funds.

Grow up your peony of wealth and prosperity!

Пустой блок
Пустой блок

            WHAT WE PLAN

Now more and more popularity gathers POS mining and masternodе, but many have difficulties in calculating profits, choosing strategies, many technical issues on the work of wallets and creating of masternode, just not enough discussion, comparison to choose the best project for investment.

Therefore we decided to create a POS mining community where everyone will be able will share important information, to analyse and discuss this or that project, to help the companion on technical issues and just to communicate.

Based on this community the pool will be created, for those who can't have a possibility of work of a purse 24/7, but wants to participate in projects.

A distinctive feature of this pool will be a minimum commission of 0.5%, which will go to the technical support of the pool and the development of the community.

Considering the high commissions of the existing pools, this should be a good help to investors who use existing pools, as well as attract new participants.

We hope our steps will help you to understand subtleties of the crypto world and will allow to expand your trade portfolio.





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